Building Relationships Through Behavior Training

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Dog holding a treat on its nose

Stone Ridge Pet Resort and Veterinary Medical Center of Conroe, Texas continues its quest to provide full pet care and support by offering behavior training. These classes are not only for misbehaving dogs. Experts agree that the relationship between pets and owners thrive the most when they establish communication and boundaries between one another. Learning to understand one another is the best thing you can do for the other, and you can start at any age. Let the pet behavior experts at The Pet Resort help you build your relationship with your pet through the following classes:

  • Training Consultation — Work with a pet behavior expert to set behavior goals and identify the most effective training methods to achieve your objectives.
  • Puppy Kindergarten — The best guarantee for well-behaved family pets is to begin training and establish clear cut roles as early as possible. Puppy kindergarten will guide you in implementing house rules so you and your puppy can have a healthy and fulfilled bond.
  • Performance Pup — This class is designed specifically to provide the training foundation for future performance canines.
  • Doggy Daycare Integration — This program will guide your dog from their first day of doggy daycare through their eventual integration in the main playgroup. Integration into our daycare is incumbent upon a favorable temperament test and is done to safely introduce guests to their new friends.